Quick Tip: Rolled Fondant Balls

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A quick video with Joanne demonstrating her fondant ball rolling technique. Demonstrates an easy technique for ensuring uniform fondant ball sizes!

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7 thoughts on “Quick Tip: Rolled Fondant Balls

    • Hi Jennifer – First off thank-you! Second, you are in luck as we’ve just released a Cake Toppers Technique class on Craftsy.com that is available online. You can use this link to receive 25% off of the class.

  1. Please offer more Craftsy classes! I’m obsessed with your cakes! I’d love to learn how to make the accessories (makeup, shopping bags, etc, etc, etc). Thank you!

  2. I love, love, love, this idea to get even sized balls!! Why haven’t I thought of it before??? I was just about ready to make a mold using large marbles to get even sizing, but the idea of using the cutter makes so much sense that I may just save y expensive mold making materials for something more fun!

    I bought and have viewed your Craftsy class and I am so happy to know how to dress gumpaste figures. I have watched all segments except the standing figure and I will get to that last chapter soon. I really enjoyed your sense of humor and non-condescending attitude. It was like sitting in my kitchen with a BFF and sharing how we do things. I loved how you left in the segment when the pregnant lady fell over… and the part when you couldn’t find your knife and it was sticking right there in the Styrofoam dummy! Both scenarios are like something that would happen to all of us and it made it so much more warm and real. I hope you know what I am saying… because I am sort of rambling here. LOL Thanks again for the great class… the little free tutorials here on this site and especially for the cakestand/DVD contest!

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