Part III: Fancy Shoe & Shoebox Cake Video Tutorial

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Here’s the final part of our Fancy Shoe & Shoebox tutorial. Part III of the tutorial reviews the following:

Section III: Making the Heel

  • I use modeling chocolate or gumpaste to make the heel.
  • When using modeling chocolate I let it dry for about 2 weeks and then wrap gumpaste around it to match the color of the shoe.
  • Tip: You can create several heels out of modeling chocolate to use as basis for other future designs.
  • First I roll the modeling chocolate into a log. I measure the height of the heel using the model shoe we started with.
  • Tip: I like to add a skewer through the heel to add extra support. This is also good when placing the shoe on top of the cake as it can be used to support the shoe.
  • I put a 45 degree angle for the heel to fit the sole appropriately.
  • I let the heel dry a few days. In the case of modeling chocolate it generally only needs to dry for one day.

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12 thoughts on “Part III: Fancy Shoe & Shoebox Cake Video Tutorial

  1. Very good demo. Simplifies what other tutorials I’ve seen have made look like a very daunting undertaking. Thank you!!

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