How To Make A Pink Princess Cupcake Topper

In this quick tutorial I share tips & techniques for:

  • Creating the torso for the princess topper
  • Creating facial features for the princess including hair, eye, mouth and nose.
  • Creating a cute pink dress for your princess!

What will I learn in this Tutorial?

Tools needed for Princess Cupcake Topper

Tools Review - What's Needed for the Princess Topper!

A quick review of the tools needed including buttercream, knife, rolling pin, pizza cutter, tylose glue, a small tip, disco dust, fluffly brush, skewer, toothpicks and gum paste!

Making the princess torso

The Torso - Tips for making the Torso!

The torso for the princess can be tricky! I offer tips on creating the torso and demonstrate placing the torso on the skewer.

Creating the princess cake topper face

The Face - Tips for making the Princess Face!

In this section I review how to create small facial features like a smile, nose, dimples, hair, & eyes.

The Final Product - Princess Cupcake Topper!

Princess Cupcake Final Product

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2 thoughts on “How To Make A Pink Princess Cupcake Topper

  1. I ℓ♥√ع what i have seen so far, creative and beatiful, i wish i can get a tutorial video on how to bake cake and the decoraton as well.

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