Fondant 101: Kneading and Rolling

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In this video I demonstrate how to properly knead and rollout your fondant.

Steps include:

  1. Start with a crumb coated cake that has been refrigerated. We refrigerated the cake in this video for two hours prior to working with it.
  2. For prep first lighten moisten your buttercream cake with water. You can use a brush or a light mist spray.
  3. Next choose your fondant color and choose the proper amount. Tip: Checkout the fondant size guide on Satin Ice!
  4. Always make sure your leftover fondant is resealed and air tight.
  5. The kneading process is a key step to ensure your fondant is pliable and easy to work with. How long you knead depends on how much fondant you are using and the temperature. When the fondant is soft and pliable you know you are ready to begin rolling.
  6. Before you begin rolling, use confectionery sugar and corn syrup to lightly dust your work surface.
  7. Make sure to roll evenly, lifting and turning the fondant as you go.
  8. Continue to roll until you fondant is about 1/8" thick.
  9. For this 8" cake we aimed for about 18 to 20" diameter for the fondant
  10. When you are done rolling, go right to covering your cake while your fondant is still warm and pliable!

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