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This cookie decorating video was shot way back in 2009 with Satin Ice and in the video I demonstrate some fondant application techniques on cookies.

Besides our video, Satin Ice also has videos from other great cake designers include Collette Peters, Elisa Strauss, Buddy Valastro, Ron Ben-Israel & Jorge Amsler.

If you are interested in learning more about cookie decorating check out our Cookies 101– Decorating with Fondant/Piping/Flooding class!

We use Satin Ice fondant at the bakery. If you are looking to purchase Satin Ice fondant, here is a coupon for 25% off!

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8 thoughts on “Decorating Cookies Tutorial – Satin Ice Video

  1. you make it look so easy. my sugar cookes spread in the oven. i like to try an make things for when my relatives come to town and the kids. I have no talent what so ever. But I would love to try this some day if I could get the cookies not to spread. U r right, the pearl stuff you are talking about does put a pretty polished look on the cookies.

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