In viewing Charity Pykles-George’s, Intro to Isomalt Class, you can truly see why she is referred to as “The Sugar Sorceress”! She really knows how to handle a hot pile of sugar...and that way is CAREFULLY!

I have to admit that I’ve always been intimidated by hot piles of sugar and since self-preservation has always been more important than learning how to work with Isomalt, I’ve avoided it. Since I am no stranger to Craftsy, when I looked at more classes to take, my eye kept wandering back to this Isomalt class and I decided to conquer my fear of this medium. How else was I going to make Cinderella’s glass slipper that my niece announced that she wanted for her birthday cake?

"If you are a fan of ocean-themed cakes, this class is a “must-take”
Poured Sugar Isomalt Rose Project

My Intro to Isomalt project

Charity is a no-nonsense teacher and I really admire that. What makes this class different from the other cake classes is that you have to really pay extra attention to safety. She stresses that time and time again, and it really sinks in. Once you have that mindset then that is when the fun begins! It’s actually so mesmerizing to pull sugar and watch it change its shape and gloss. But, that is not all you will learn! You will learn how to utilize silicone molds, bead molds, blow sugar bubbles, make figures out of blown sugar, craft flowers, and much more. There was so much she did; that I can’t even decide what technique I enjoyed the most. I do have to say, after watching this class, I know the secret to a clear result with poured sugar. I can’t wait to make my Cinderella glass shoe and it will definitely be bubble-free!

Personally, I would consider this an intermediate/advanced class for most decorators. But, if you are a beginner and/or have candy-making experience working with high temperature sugar, then you are a great candidate for taking this class. You just have to have the right equipment. At the very least you need a silpat, a microwave and gloves to protect your hands, along with digital thermometer. Charity shows you several levels of equipment, at different price points, that would suffice for creating sugar art. Personally, the roses I made for my practical I achieved with my silpat, gloves, a microwave and a veining mat. If you are casting sugar, then you would need silicone molds, but she provides information on many sources to get your supplies. You can even make your own mold if you desire, that is something I can’t wait to do as well.

Isomalt pink bow demonstration

I do have to point out that Charity moves fast through this course. At first I thought, “Whoa….slow down lady...I am trying to learn here!” Then, I understood that you don’t work slowly with sugar, because time and temperature are the keys to success. You will see how she explains her techniques and how she shows what not to do. If there is something NOT to do, then I will end up doing it and I appreciate when an instructor stresses what NOT to do! What you will do is end up creating something that you never thought you could!

"I do have to say, after watching this class, I know the secret to a clear result with poured sugar"

Charity shows you so many extra things to create with isomalt and also gives you so many tips on how you can embellish and add on to what she has taught. If you are a fan of ocean-themed cakes, this class is a “must-take”. You will be able to incorporate so many really cool effects into your finished cake project. This is one Craftsy class that I will watch again and again! I can’t recommend it enough as a way to be welcomed into the world of Isomalt and all that you can create with it. Take, take, and take this class!!

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Review of Isomalt Craftsy Intro Class

Craftsy Class: Intro to Isomalt Class

Skill Level: Beginner/ Intermediate

Rating: ★★★★★

Must Have Tools

"Must Have" Tools for Craftsy Class

  • Gloves
  • Silpat mat
  • warming equipment and/or microwave

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