Fondant Knit Molds

Knit Molds for Cake Decorators!

Introducing a brand new line of silicone molds that will satisfy all of your knit pattern needs! You can use fondant, chocolate, marzipan, isomalt, gumpaste and modeling chocolate to create the most realistic knit details that rival the real thing!

What you can do with these molds:

  • Panel your cakes using one of three different styles of Knit Simpress Panel Makers. (Rib & Cable Knit, Classic Knit and Trinity Knit)
  • Create artistic and realistic borders using one of the four styles of Knit borders (Cable knit, braided knit, ribbed knit and pom pom knit).
  • Accessorize your creations using one of the 9 different button molds (Knit buttons – 3 sizes), leather buttons (3 sizes) and toggles (3 styles).

Birthday Cake with Knit Mold

The story behind the knit line

Anne Heap

As a cake artist, I put a lot of pressure on myself to create cakes for my children that they will love. Realistically, I could probably buy them Fudgy the Whale and they’d be ok with that, however, I do enjoy a challenge!

So of course when my daughter’s second birthday rolled around, I was trying to decide what kind of cake to make for her party. Since she is a January baby, I wanted to incorporate winter somehow into my design. However, being a two year old girl, Piper loved all that involved princesses. So I decided to create a snow princess themed cake and I knew just how I wanted it to look.

I began to search for a cable knit mold to create the look I wanted on the cake. My searches came up fruitless and my time was running out, so I did what any cake designer would do - and I called my mom! I begged her to knit me a piece of cable knit asap so I could make a mold. Using silicone plastique form Marvelous Molds

I made my very first knit mold. I only had one package of the silicone, so I had only one shot. Obviously, I was ecstatic when the fabric actually came off of the mold and was even more ecstatic with the result.

Soon after I posted the photos, the response to the cable knit was overwhelming, and I knew I needed to create more and on a more professional level.

So after almost two years of development, I am so excited to debut my knit line created by the fabulous Dominic and his team at Marvelous Molds. With the artist prowess of a professional knitter, we created an insanely realistic line of molds that will satisfy all of your cake knit pattern needs!

What can I do - Creating Panels

These "panel maker" molds allow you to attach the panel directly to the side of the cake without distorting the stitch. I also love to pop it out of the mold and use cutters to cut out shapes for decorations, cookies and cupcakes. Easy to use, all you need is a rolling pin, a fondant smoother, corn starch and the will to create fabulous knit!
Classic Knit Simpress Example

The Classic Knit Simpress - a versatile mold!

This classic knit (stockinette stitch for you knitters out there) is an essential and versatile mold that can be used as the foundation of many of your knit creations.

Rib & Cable Knit Simpress - one of my favorites!

The cable knit panel is one of my favorite molds as it looks so impressive! This texture is very popular right now in the world of textile and is even seen on bedding, carpet and clothing. I especially love using this pattern on these adorable gingerbread cookies!

Gingerbread Candy Cane Rib & Cable Knit

The Trinity Knit Example

Trinity Knit Simpress - crazy detail for an amazing finish!

The trinity knit (Or popcorn stitch) panel incorporates crazy detail for an amazing finished look. I love using this panel for the side of a cake – or even on cookies and cupcakes! You’ll be amazed at how realistic this knit looks!

What can I do - Border Molds

Use these border molds to finish off the base of a cake, join two patterns together or on cookies and cupcakes.
Gift Box Close Ribbed Knit Border Example

The Ribbed Knit Border - ideal for many mediums!

This mold is the perfect way to finish of your knit cake! Replicating the ribbing you might see as a sweater cuff or hat trim, this ribbed band is so easy to use! I love using it for all mediums as well!

Braided Cable Border - add a band or braided cable trim to any design!

So when creating this line – I knew I wanted the option of adding a braided cable trim or band to any design. This trim mold is so easy to use and has been designed to fit end to end perfectly for a seamless look and adds such a fun touch!

Braided Cable Border Cake Example

Cable Knit Border Example

Cable Knit Border - twisted cable!

A play on the braided cable trim – this twisted cable has the same function as the braided cable except, it looks entirely different! I love using these both on the same cake. Especially, because often knitters love mixing different stitches in blankets, sweaters, etc. This seamless variation keeps your designs looking fresh and interesting.

Pom Pom Border - use for trim, swag or accents!

Ok – seriously, I LOVE pom poms. This was a serious feat to create. But when you see the way the pompom trim pops out of the mold, you will be wowed. It’s super easy to use – I just use a clay tool to pop out the little pieces between the pom poms before removing from the mold. I’ve used this at the top of a cake as a trim, swagged for a wedding cake, and accents on cookies.

Pom Pom Border Example

What can I do - Button Molds

Silicone molds to create realistic button accessories!
Knit Button Mold Example

The Knit Button Molds- 3 different sizes available!

Well now you know I love pom poms. So the next obvious mold we created are individual knit buttons in 3 different sizes. You can add these on top of the classic knit for a popcorn effect, or at the base of a tier for a finishing look. We used the knit buttons to create some really cute cupcakes and cookies as well. Oh and they are so easy to use, my 3 year old can do it!

Leather buttons - 3 different sizes available!

This set of molds is exciting to me, just because I love the finishing details. I knew I wanted to create a leather button to add as accents to the knit. The fun part about these is that you can easily paint them with gel color for a realistic leather look, or gold for a fancy twist. The detail on these buttons is so realistic…you may want to try to sew them on your sweater! Even pop them out in a solid color for a playful look. They come in 3 sizes for use on a variety of projects.

Leather Button Mold Example

Toggle Mold Example

Toggle Buttons - 3 different styles

The toggle molds are seriously mind-blowing! The detail is incredible and easily can be painted to look just like wood. Just use a little yellow and brown gel color to create a realistic look! I love adding hand stitching “leather” pieces to hold the toggle together!

"The collection has 14 super realistic and fun knit inspired pieces including everything from panel makers to border molds to buttons! "

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