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Here are some of the common questions:

The cakes probably weigh on average about 30 lbs or so. It really depends on how much filling vs. cake you are using, as well as how many layers of fondant you use! With the structure, transporting these is pretty simple! Just put into the back of an SUV and drive carefully 🙂 I like to put them in a corrugated cardboard moving box that is the same size as the base board to avoid it from slipping. Hope that helps!

Sure! Sorry for the confusion! There is a cardboard at the bottom of the skirt (below the largest cake). There is also one at the bottom of the '2nd' or 'top tier' of the cake. So there are 6 layers of cake total - and there is a board at the bottom of the largest 3 and then on the bottom of the smallest three. When the two skirts are stacked together the second board is in the middle of the skirt. Hope that helps!

Hi there! Great question! I like to bake my cake at least 3-4 days prior to the delivery. I never fill the cake on the same day it is baked as it needs to rest so it doesn't crumble when you carve. This gives me a solid 2-3 days to decorate the cake. Hope that helps!

Hi - Yes the template is really just a guide. There should be a slight s curve in the back, making it look more natural. Nothing too drastic. Use your eye as you sculpt to see what looks best. If you have a friend in the room, use them as a model!

Hi! So I put cake in the freezer with the initial crumbcoat. The buttercream stays at room temperature and I add more on top of the cold cake, smoothing as I go. I do this a few times until the cake is smooth. What happens is the buttercream gets hard in the freezer making it easy to scrape away any imperfections using the bench scraper.

I like to remove the bodice and then cut top layer of the skirt until it's finished. Then I lift up the center board and cut the bottom. Thanks!

I like for the cake to be refrigerated prior to transporting it so it doesn't slide around. So I would want it to chill for at least 3-4 hours prior to transporting it. Then I want to make sure it's at room temp before serving - so I like to leave it out for at least 2-3 hours before serving. Hope this helps!

Hi - it was painted after it was on the cake. I like to apply the panel and let it set up for a few hours before painting. This helps prevent the color from bleeding. You can paint with petal dust and vodka - this works very well!

I like to use icing when I'm sticking cake to a board, or the bodice to cake because it has a little bit better staying power. The glue or piping gel is great for smaller details. Thanks!

Hi! Yes you Definitely can! As long as you carve the hole in the base it could be done a week or so in advance 🙂

The cake would serve about 25 guests . For price, I would add up raw costs (ingredients, structure Etc.) and then time. So I fall ingredients cost $75 for example and it takes you 20 hours to complete you would add $75 to whatever hourly rate you charge. If $20/hour then $475 - but every market will have different price points!

You can actually cut into it! It is harder than regular rice krispy - but that doesn't stop some people haha 🙂

The basic ingredients for fondant are confectioners sugar with the addition of gelatin, corn syrup and glycerine to provide a malleable sweet dough. Gum paste also has gum tragacanth in it which allows you to roll it very thin. It also dries much harder than fondant making it ideal for modeling figures. I purchase my gum paste from Satin Ice. There are many recipes too, I know Nicholas Lodge has one in his class (Here's a 25% off link to the class). Hope this helps! Anne

Great idea! The skirt is about 7" tall and the torso is about 9 inches tall.Hope that helps !! I'm so happy you are enjoying the class - and feel free to leave a review if you get a chance. Let me know if you have any other questions!

Hi there! No you would need more cake for this. Consult the class materials for the sizes. Thanks!

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