Cake Topper Techniques Class

Online Figure Modeling Class with Anne Heap.

Learn how to create 3D personalized gumpaste cake topper figures including a pregnant lady, a sleeping baby, a pea-in-the-pod baby and more!

What you will learn:

  • Condition and color gum paste to achieve the right skin tones
  • Create simple structures for both sitting and standing figures.
  • Add lifelike movement to your cake toppers with wiring techniques for arms and legs.
  • Personalize your toppers with cute details like clothing, hair and accessories.

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Over 11,000 students have already taken the class through the Craftsy platform. See what they've said about the class!

I love this class! I am learning so many things about making gumpaste figures. I was hesistant to take this class at first since I have no experience at all in making cake toppers... but I'm glad I did. Ann explains things very clearly. Great class!!

I have done some figure modeling in the past, having researched how with different sources online. After watching this class, I was pleased to pick up new techniques, especially when it came to clothing the figures. Very well taught. Would like to see another class offered by Anne!

Hi Anne! Great video! I was so happy to find out you have a class on craftsy. I've been doing figure modeling for a while, that's actually how I started my cake....but I've learned a lot from this class, thank you for sharing all your tips and techniques!
Sweet Treats

What will I learn?

Pea-in-the-pod Cake Topper

Working with Gum Paste - step by step instructions!

Understanding how to work with gum paste is essential to achieving success when creating your cake topper. Anne covers how to color gumpaste, the best gumpaste to use, and how to achieve optimal skin tones.

Henry - the pea-in-the-pod baby!

The first figure I teach in my cake toppers class is how to construct the adorable Henry, a Pea-in-the-Pod baby figure. I will show you how to create a pea pod, complete with leaves, tendrils, and a sleeping baby inside!

Pea-in-the-pod Cake Topper

Sleeping Baby Cake Topper

Olive - the sleeping baby topper!

In this lesson I show you how to create a sleeping baby affectionately named Olive. In this lesson, you will learn to mold and attach arms and legs to the baby, make a textured blanket and finish her off with an adorable pink curl and bow.

JJ - a sitting boy figure!

In this lesson I show you how to create a sitting boy figure modeled after my own son JJ! I show you the differences between modeling sitting girl figures vs boy figures. Then I review how to construct the torso, legs and face. Finally I take you through all the intricate details of creating his ears, shirt, arm, hair and more!

Sitting boy cake topper

Pregnant Lady Topper Cake

Penny - the pregnant lady figure!

Our fun pregnant lady sitting figure is a very popular choice for baby showers! This lesson reviews how to create the pregnant lady body along with details including legs, tunic, belt, hairstyles, accessories and eyelashes. I usually only teach this type of class once or twice a year, but now my secrets on how to make our pregnant lady toppers are yours to taken when you want and as many times as you like!

Madison - the standing figure!

Our final figure lesson walks through the intricacies of creating a stable support for your standing figure. Details covered include how to construct the arms, legs and torso. In addition we cover how to clothe Madison with shoes and a skirt.

Fun and Flirty madison cake topper

See what our students have created!

Bonus Tutorials!

We've designed additional advanced tutorials especially tailored for our Craftsy students! With your purchase of the Craftsy class, you can use these tutorials to advance your skills even further!

"Anne - thanks for the awesome class! And thanks for helping me achieve "super cool friend and cake decorator extraordinaire" status!" -edibleartnewbie

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