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Making Extreme Figures for Cakes

I have a sculpture background which is one of those things that both helps and hinders when working in sugar. On one hand it shortens the learning curve when doing really unusual projects that fall far out side the realm of baking, but it can get me into trouble, too. There are lots of things   …Continue Reading

Wafer Paper Flowers! And other things paper-related…

We love new methods, new materials, new anything here at PCB. While I am hardly fad driven, I used to work for a paper specialist boutique before becoming a cake decorator and I adore paper craft still. So to use some of that background for cake is a lot of fun. Joanne did an extensive   …Continue Reading

Food Network Premiere – Outrageous Wedding Cakes!

Want to learn how to make this cake? Check out our Craftsy Dress Cake Class online! We are thrilled for the opportunity to create this 7 foot tall wedding dress cake for an upcoming Food Network Special – Outrageous Wedding Cakes! Along with Anne, Pink Cake Box University instructors Joanne and Anna were both part   …Continue Reading

Applying fine art skills to cake decorating

While I do have a background in fine art which I’ve found to be terribly useful as a cake decorator, it is certainly not necessary to spend years of your life honing your art skills just to be able to paint a scene on a cake. Craftsy, as well as offering cake classes, has an   …Continue Reading

A short introduction to Sculpted Cakes

We love sculpted cakes here. We really do! Both Anne and I get excited for unusual orders, and we were jumping up and down over this recent Rhino cake. Dog cakes are also a constant pleasure: But I feel there is a lot more to sculpted cakes than going straight for the most extreme item.   …Continue Reading

Experiments with Gelatin

If you’ve happened across my review of the Mike McCarey Craftsy Classic Car Class you might remember me waxing poetic about how versatile I found his gelatin technique to be. Since then I’ve adopted some of my new discoveries for use here at Pink Cake Box.  We have a couple of Sugar Veil mats here   …Continue Reading

Happy Accidents and Holiday Parties

I have a real soft spot for “cute food.” Marshmallows shaped like mushrooms? I’ll buy them. Chocolate truffle penguins and mice? Oh, I’ve come home with them more than once! But when it comes to pastry my two great loves are France and Japan. Macarons, those tiny almond pillows that seem so prevalent these days   …Continue Reading

Looking for talented staff!

Pink Cake Box is expanding with a new retail boutique in 2014! Positions Available Part time baker – This position is a great way to join our fast paced and fun team! Responsibilities will include baking cakes, cupcakes, cookies and other pastries for both custom cakes and our retail boutique. 3 days per week. Minimum   …Continue Reading

Pink Friday Sales at Pink Cake Box!

Welcome to Pink Cake Box’s version of Black Pink Friday! To celebrate Pink Friday, we are offering UP TO 50% OFF on a variety of cake decorating classes, DVDS and more!! 30% off our Cake Decorating DVDs! Watch Anne Heap, voted one of the top ten cake artists in North America by Dessert Professional, teach   …Continue Reading

Cake Stand & DVD Giveaway!

Contest has ended! Thanks to everyone that entered! New giveaway with Sarah’s Stands – a Cake Stand Company for a fun Cake Stand & DVD giveaway! Last year we partnered with Sarah’s Stands on a fun cake stand giveaway, and we are happy to announce we are partnering again for another giveaway! Sarah’s Stands has   …Continue Reading

Dress Cake Class

Want to learn how to make these dress cakes? Check out our online Little Pink Dress Cake Class!


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