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Moving Sale!

We can’t take it all with us! High quality items at great prices!

What?!! It’s true! There is a brand new time-saving way to create messages on cakes – Flexabets!

To be honest, I don’t like messages on cakes at all… But I know that’s not realistic when creating cakes for customers. They need Aunt Francine to know it’s her birthday! But, you know what really frustrates me?! When a beautiful cake is finished off with a sloppily piped message. Why???  Oy it’s painful to   …Continue Reading

Job Available: Part-time Administrative Assistant

Job Description Responsibilities include managing emails, phone calls, administrative tasks, sales and customer processing. Other responsibilities include assisting in developing new partnerships and assisting in management of social media channels. Knowledge of Microsoft Office a must. Previous experience managing social media channels and Quickbooks a plus. This is a part-time position with some Saturday hours.   …Continue Reading

Cake Production Position Available

Full-time position in Pink Cake Box’s cake production team! This position is a great way to join our fast paced and fun team! Responsibilities will include filling, squaring off and fondanting cakes. Other responsibilities may include decorating cakes and cookies and other pastry items for both our custom business as well as our retail boutique.   …Continue Reading

Whimsy Dog Topper Class

Join us in Orlando from Sept 18th to 20th for The Americas Cake & Sugarcraft Fair! We’ll be teaching a doggy cake topper class! Learn how to create the two adorable dogs below. LEARN MORE

Full time and Part time positions available

Pink Cake Box is looking for a FULL time baker. This position is a great way to join our fast paced and fun team! Responsibilities will include baking cakes, cupcakes, cookies and other pastries for both custom cakes and our retail boutique. 5 days per week. Minimum of one year experience. Please send resume, portfolio   …Continue Reading

Cake Decorating Classes: Where to Start?

Have you ever wanted to learn more about cake decorating, but you weren’t sure where to start? With the explosion of digital learning, there are so many options available today for novice bakers, professional cake decorators, and everyone in between. But finding the right class and channel to learn can be a bit overwhelming, so   …Continue Reading

New and Exciting Tools

Just six months ago, if I wanted to make a houndstooth effect on a cake I would probably be torn between spending hours upon hours painting it by hand or paneling it with wafer paper or icing image prints. Neither ever gives me quite the satisfying results that these new molds do. Marvelous Molds is   …Continue Reading

Trouble Shooting Sugar Flowers

I can only imagine that this will prove to be an ongoing conversation. I’ve touched on some of this before and expect to do so again. Not every client wants cultured roses, hydrangea and cool greens. As a matter of fact, more and more often florists are thinking outside the box in an effort to   …Continue Reading

Painting Cakes (a recurring theme)

I talk a lot about painting on cakes. Partially because of my arts background, I know — but also because it’s a versatile way to add detail to a simple project and much easier than it appears. We also do it constantly here in the shop!! The obvious approach is to use the cake as   …Continue Reading

Dress Cake Class

Want to learn how to make these dress cakes? Check out our online Little Pink Dress Cake Class!


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Cake Decorating Classes

Looking to stay on top of the latest ways to learn about cake decorating? Overwhelmed with all the options out there and don't know where to start? Then our Cake Decorator Starter Guide has you covered!

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