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We've compiled a list of frequent questions, tips and hints to ensure you are successful using our DVDs. If we haven't answered your question below, feel free to contact us

Currently are DVDs are sold and shipped via We also sometimes carry some at the store - please call ahead to see if we have any in stock.

See our supply list for a listing of supplies. The plastic guides (i.e. acyrlic pieces used when squaring off the cake) can be purchased at any local glass store. You can ask them to custom cut the pieces for you. Alternatively, you can use a masonite board until it becomes warped.

I always refrigerate my cakes before and after I fondant them. Since the fondant is so thin, you won't have a problem with it weighing down the cold buttercream. They are also refrigerated before we deliver them to the event. Since it takes a long time for them to come to room temperature, the buttercream should not lose its shape. You would only have an issue in excessively hot temperatures. But generally the edges are not lost when they come to room temperature.

No unfortunately our DVD is currently only available in English.

Assuming you are using a 10" board for the round and square cakes, then a 10 x 10 x 5 bakery box would work.

Ideally you would move the cake from the freezer to the refrigerator for an hour before your fondant the cake. This way it doesn't matter how long you freeze the cake.

If you have to fondant it right from the freezer then you want to freeze it until the buttercream is hard - about 15 minutes. If you leave it in much longer the cake will become too cold and when you take it out it will condensate and make your fondant very sticky.

In regards to the second question about how long the cakes should sit out before fondanting or wetting the sides - generally you can fondant the cake right away. If you take let the cake sit out for a couple of minutes, it will naturally condensate and you won't have to wet the sides. If it is very cold or dry out, you may have to dampen the sides.

What we usually do, is put the cake in and out of the freezer while squaring it off. If fondanting it right away, it is ok to take it from the freezer and do it then. However, if you want to wait more than 10 minutes or so, it is best to put the cake in your refrigerator so it doesn't get too cold. Then, after we fondant it, we usually refrigerate it again.

What is probably happening is that since it is being left out over night- the cake is coming to room temperature and possibly releasing air bubbles, causing the fondant to bubble. There is really nothing you can do at that point, other than popping the bubbles. You may want to try reducing some of the air in the buttercream by using a spatula and mixing it by hand. You may also want to do an experiment and try the same process with a smaller cake that would fit into your refrigerator.

Hope this helps!!!

Yes - our DVDs are region free which means they can play in countries outside of the US.

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