Cake Decorating Video Starter Kit

Make cakes like a pro with Anne Heap's Cake Decorating 101 and 102 instructional videos!

Each instructional segment is packed with useful tips and tricks to help you create a perfect cake!

Topics include:

  • Filling and Squaring off Round & Square Cakes
  • Fondanting Round & Square Cakes
  • Paneling Round & Square Cakes
  • Stacking Round & Square Cakes
  • Bow-nus feature - creating different types of bows !

"Anne Heap is a great teacher. I have seen many lessons on covering cakes and still got some new and very useful/helpful information from these that I haven't seen before. I will be referring back to these for many years to come." Bunny.G (Sydney, Australia)

Cake 101 DVD includes:

Cake 101 Decorating DVD

  • Tools required for filling and squaring off your cakes
  • Fundamentals of filling round and square cakes with different types of filling
  • How to square off your cake to achieve clean edges
  • Numerous tips and tricks to achieve the perfect cake!
  • 40 minutes of instructional video!

Cake 102 DVD includes:

Cake 102 Decorating DVD

  • How to color, knead, roll and cover your cake flawlessly with fondant
  • Fondant paneling methods for round & square cakes
  • Texturing fondant with patterned rolling pin
  • Fundamentals of doweling and stacking your round & square cakes
  • Tips on fixing tears, creases, air bubbles, and dry fondant
  • Bow-nus feature includes how to make two loop bow & multi-loop bow
  • How to finish your cake like a pro with over 70 minutes of video!

About Anne Heap

Anne Heap

Anne Heap is the owner of Pink Cake Box, a custom cake studio that specializes in creating spectacular cakes, cupcakes & cookie favors. Anne and her work have been featured in numerous national magazines and television shows, including Food Network, TLC, WeTV, Bravo & CNN. She is also the 2013 recipient of the prestigious Dessert Professional's Top Ten Cake Artists of North America and was recognized by Bake Magazine as one the most influential pastry chefs in America. Anne's teaching methods have been well received internationally. Her techniques are easy to learn and will have you caking like a pro in no time!


Anne has been teaching cake decorating classes for years and brings her experience to these cake decorating DVDs. Here's what others have said about the DVDs:

I just wanted to send you a quick note on your DVDs. LOVE them! I will be using them as a training tool for new staff and interns in the shop. Keep doing what you do!
Tonja J.

As an aspiring baker, I found the explanations and demonstrations very easy to understand. Not too basic and not too high level. Perfect for a home baker who is looking to improve their techniques. Anne is fun to watch and explains things well!
Angela H.

Just when I thought I knew everything about fondant, this DVD takes it to the next level. I really learned a lot from this DVD. I hope this is the beginning of many more DVDs to come!
Beth P.

As Seen On:

  • Food Network Cake Challenge
  • Ultimate Cake Challenge TLC
  • As seen on We TV
  • CNN
  • Martha Stewart Radio

Anne's videos on Youtube have been viewed over 7 million times! Now she brings her cake decorating teachings to these professionally produced set of instructional DVDs.

What's in Cake 101 DVD?

Filling sides of Square Cake

Filling Round and Square Cakes Step-by-step instructions!

Anne offers step-by-step instructions on how to fill round and square cakes. Throughout each segment she includes several valuable tips and tricks to help guide even the most novice cake decorator. You will learn how to deal with soft fillings and challenges that you may face. This informative DVD is a must have for anyone that would like to achieve the clean straight lines that Pink Cake Box is famous for!

Anne's techniques will help you Achieve Sharp Edges!

Anne will show you how to achieve perfect edges, by walking you through the steps of squaring off both round and square cakes. She tackles the sometimes intimidating task of achieving sharp edges on square cakes. At the end of these segments you'll have the knowledge to achieve the perfect edges! One of the biggest questions Anne gets is how do you get your cakes so perfect? Well now Anne Heap is giving you her secrets!

A solid foundation to create clean and sharp cakes.

Whether you are a novice learning the foundations of cake decorating, or a seasoned decorator looking to improve your craft, Anne has packed 40 plus minutes of tips, tricks and techniques into the Cake 101 DVD to help you start caking like a pro!

What's in Cake 102 DVD?

Fondanting Round & Square Cakes: Tips and tricks for fondanting.

Anne shares her advice and techniques for covering round & square cakes with fondant. She reviews tips and fixes for dealing with nearly every conceivable fondanting disaster, including tears, air bubbles, dry/elephant skin, creases and holes. Her lessons are easy to learn and will have you fondanting like a pro in no time!

Fondant Paneling: An alternative method for fondanting round & square cakes!

Watch Anne walk you through step-by-step instructions on an alternative way of fondanting your square cakes through paneling. You will learn how to measure each side and she offers tips for placing panels on your cake to maximize the sharpness of your cake's edges. You will learn how to texture fondant and panel a round cake.

Stacking cakes: Learn how to stack & dowel your cakes!

Anne will explain the fundamentals of stacking including the intricacies of doweling to ensure you have a sturdy cake structure for transporting your cake. She reviews techniques such as how to find the highest point in your cake, how to fix cracks between stacked tiers and tips for finishing off the cakes to hide blemishes.

Bow-nus Feature: How to wrap it up with a bow.

Anne shows you how to create beautiful bows that will finish your cake. Perfect for showers, birthdays and wedding cakes!

Last, but not least, Cake 101 DVD includes our border icing recipe and Cake 102 DVD includes our buttercream recipe!

"I've watched many, many tutorials in my effort to improve my ability and I would put both of Anne's new DVD's at the top of my "Recommended" list. The information is given in clear, step by step detail that is easy to follow"...-Suzanne

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