Joanne Costa

Joanne Costa

Joanne’s love of pastry started with earning her Girl Scout baking badge! Since then, she has graduated from the French Culinary Institute and The New School in NYC, where she also completed an internship with Gail Watson Custom Cake. Joanne has advanced training with industry experts such as Nicholas Lodge, Toba Garrett and, of course Anne Heap.

Pink Cake Box has been Joanne’s “sugar home” since it opened in 2005. As a senior cake artist, she strives to bring a level of excellence to all she does. Whether Joanne is baking a cake or sculpting a tiny sugar flower, she enjoys helping herself and others reach new decorating heights!

Joanne's Class Reviews

Elegant Lace Cakes Tutorial

The first thing that I’d like to share with you regarding my review of Elegant Lace Cakes, by Zoe Clark, is that I love British accents. If Zoe was telling me how to tie a shoelace with that accent, I would be thoroughly impressed! I wonder sometimes if my American accent is as impressive….something tells   …Continue Reading

Review Custom Lettering Monograms Nicholas Lodge

This class by Nicholas Lodge is one of the best that I have taken on the Craftsy platform. Being a familiar student of his, I was curious how he would come across on a video lesson. A few years back I sought instruction from him at his fabulous school down in Atlanta, Georgia. It was   …Continue Reading

Wafer Paper Techniques Class Review

If I had to choose one word to review Stevi Auble’s – Delicate Wafer-Paper Cakes class, on the Craftsy platform, it would be WOW! Being a stranger to wafer paper, I will admit that I was extremely intrigued by the whole idea. The only time I ever achieved making something that was even slightly close   …Continue Reading

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Joanne's Tutorials

Cumberbund Tutorial Final

Until I find a more “perfect” method, this is the one that I use for how to make cummerbund bands. It really is not “perfect” because in life (and cake!), nothing is perfect, but we can sure try for perfect. Sometimes we can say that “perfect” is a sure-fire, time-saving way of streamlining something difficult   …Continue Reading

Completed Cake Topper Lion with Mane

In this cake decorating tutorial Joanne takes you through step by step instructions on how to create a cute lion cake topper!

Rolled Fondant Ball Tip

A quick video with Joanne demonstrating her fondant ball rolling technique. Demonstrates an easy technique for ensuring uniform fondant ball sizes!

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Joanne's Recipes

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Joanne's Projects

Lace Cake Project

My lace inspired cake from Zoe Clark’s Elegant Lace Cakes Craftsy Class!

Wafer Paper Technique Cake

Joanne’s application of the wafer paper technique to create flowers for this three tier pink cake!

How to decorative royal icing tutorial

Joanne’s demonstration of the Lambeth Method from Wendy Kromer’s Craftsy class.

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Joanne's Cake Corner Posts

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