How to make a Dress Cake Class!

Make glamorous dress cakes with Anne Heap

This versatile class will teach you the fundamentals for not only easily building a simple structure, but also carving the cake and decorating it to look just like real fabric!

What you will learn:

  • How to create a classic dress cake with a full skirt
  • How to build a sturdy dress form structure
  • How to carve the cake skirt and bodice
  • How to Drape your dress in fondant fabric
  • How to decorate your dress - adding fancy details and more.


Over 2500 students have taken our dress cake class. See what they are saying!

I was so excited to take this class! I am so excited to have this class! Anne is amazing! I cant believe she was willing to share her secret to making such a masterpiece?! I've spent hours marveling over her sweet 16 dress cake--now, with Anne's step by step instructions, I have the tools to make my own! Truly, The Best Class on Craftsy!

One Of The Best Classes On Craftsy!
This was an excellent class. One of the best I have taken here on Craftsy. Anne does a fabulous job explaining and showing you her techniques. I would recommend this class. Can't wait to take another one of her classes.

Fantastic class! Instructor shows ALL the steps...and if something took time...started it and then showed the completed underside of the pleated cake skirt (for example)... EVERY step was there...the most complete class tutorial I have seen yet!
I will definitely look out for more classes by this instructor...loved it!
I have an idea for a dress...and have never done "structure" or "carving"...and now I know I will be able to do it. I can't wait to start the cake. Worth every penny for this class 🙂

Anne Heap Dress Cake Class

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About Anne Heap

Anne Heap

Anne Heap is the owner of Pink Cake Box, a custom cake studio that specializes in creating spectacular cakes, cupcakes & cookie favors.

Anne created her first dress cake in 2008 and that cake went on to win the Somerset "Let them Eat Contest". Since then she has created hundreds of dress cakes for clients. Her most recent wedding dress cake was featured on Food Network Outrageous wedding cakes and stood over 5 feet tall!

Anne and her work have been featured in numerous national magazines and television shows, including Food Network, TLC, WeTV, Bravo & CNN. She is also the 2013 recipient of the prestigious Dessert Professional's Top Ten Cake Artists of North America and was recognized by Bake Magazine in 2014 as one the most influential cake artists in America. Anne's teaching methods have been well received internationally. Her techniques are easy to learn and will have you creating stunning wedding dresses like a pro in no time!

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