Anna Puchalski

Anna Puchalski

Anna is a classically trained sculptor and illustrator who started her career in cake decorating with Ron Ben Israel in 2000. Since then she has worked for a number of well known cake studios in the New York area doing complex sugar work and design. Her specialties include freehand painting, figurative sculpture and color theory. As a teacher she has worked primarily with trained chefs and professionals, providing instruction from the basics of sugar work to complex techniques. Realistic gum paste flowers and foliage are a particular area of expertise and she is always seeking to improve her methods and make them easier to teach.

She has worked at Pink Cake Box since 2008, where she is currently the senior sugar artist.

Anna's Class Reviews

Designer Cookies with Autumn Carpenter

I have a confession to make. I love cookies. I like making them, sure! I love eating them, too. But most of all I like coming up with a design and decorating them. It can be done with fondant, run-in sugar, whatever! And I almost never get to here at Pink Cake Box, so I   …Continue Reading

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Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 10.02.02 AM

The first impression one might have is that this is a cute, project based class. But the hidden gem here is that Ms. Gardner provides a range of lessons catering to basic skills all aspiring cake professionals must master. While not all cakes will fall into the aesthetic presented here, the base focus is on   …Continue Reading

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Mastering Modern Sugar Flowers Class

Another extensive Craftsy Class featuring a legend of the cake decorating world! Nicholas Lodge’s books were canon even back when I started doing this, the standard from which many sugar artists blossomed into their own. Mr. Lodge is pedantic, detailed, and serious in his instruction, which is called for when making the highest end, most   …Continue Reading

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Anna's Tutorials

How to Mermaid Cookie Tutorial

In this free tutorial, we guide you through the step-by-step process on how to create a Mermaid cookie!

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Pirate Treasure Chest How To Tutorial

This is a very simple way to make a treasure chest for your pirate’s loot! Make sure to check out our companion pirate topper tutorial to learn how to create the pirate cake topper. 1Cut two pieces of cereal treat into a rectangle, one of them should be half as thick as the other. Carve   …Continue Reading

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Pirate peg leg cake topper

Welcome to Part Two of our Nautical theme cake topper series! Now, for this I really hope you’ve mastered the standing figure part of Anne’s Craftsy class because we’re going to raise the bar a bit and make a dancing pirate to go with our lovely mermaid from Part One. 1Just like making a standing   …Continue Reading

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Anna's Recipes

Tres Leche Cake Frosting Recipe

A modified Tres Leche cake frosting recipe (less butter, less sugar, more dulce) that I used to fill my Hello Kitty cookies and macarons (pictured on right) for this project.

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Anna's Projects

Figure sculpting fairy

This figure, affectionately called Flora the Woodland Fairy, is adapted from Carlos Lichetti’s Animation in Sugar book. I like fantasy creatures to start with and she’s an interesting design.

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Bunny in a teacup Review Tutorial

Anna’s bunny in a teacup project from Carlos Carlos Lichetti’s “How to make a bunny cake topper” class!

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Anna's Cake Corner Posts


Making Extreme Figures for Cakes

I have a sculpture background which is one of those things that both helps and hinders when working in sugar. On one hand it shortens the learning curve when doing really unusual projects that fall far out side the realm of baking, but it can get me into trouble, too. There are lots of things   …Continue Reading

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Wafer Paper Flower

Wafer Paper Flowers! And other things paper-related…

We love new methods, new materials, new anything here at PCB. While I am hardly fad driven, I used to work for a paper specialist boutique before becoming a cake decorator and I adore paper craft still. So to use some of that background for cake is a lot of fun. Joanne did an extensive   …Continue Reading

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Applying fine art skills to cake decorating

While I do have a background in fine art which I’ve found to be terribly useful as a cake decorator, it is certainly not necessary to spend years of your life honing your art skills just to be able to paint a scene on a cake. Craftsy, as well as offering cake classes, has an   …Continue Reading

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